9 Weeks Content Managed Service

The 9 week Content Management package starts with a ‘Cornerstone Package’ of content to accompany the website launch with longer authoritative articles that are key-worded for your industry and region (or as keywords discussed in the planning stage).

This cornerstone stage is put together over the first 2 weeks of the 9 week programme, often following a new website launch and the articles are aimed to give search engines plenty of content to examine following your website’s submissions and give it an idea of what the website is about. We don’t want the nice ‘bots’ to visit before there is any content for them to index!

Weeks 3 to 4 posts twice a week on average – days and times are important and are often industry / business specific. Weeks 5 to 9 there will be 1 high quality post made each week, you can of course add more yourself, you can never have too much content, only wrong content.

After the Cornerstone Content, Blog/Post content is entered onto your website in “draft” format so you get a chance to proof and change it if you would like before you finally publish it yourself by hitting the publish button. We will give you a date and time to publish each post as part of a schedule, it is important that you stick to this schedule initially. Blog posts are designed to present your website as “authoritative” so that search engines favour your website over others for the keywords and phrases we have discussed beforehand. They will include a mix of posts types and styles, for example :-

  • Industry News and Developments
  • General Industry Information
  • Pricing / Product Information
  • Team / Personal Profiles and Interviews
  • Case Studies & Customer Testimonials
  • Personal News
  • Event and Promotional Information

Blog posts will be a mix of media types so some will be text heavy, some rich in images and some with video clip streams. Your will need to have a Video hosting platform for videos, such as YourTube or Vimeo. The blog posts will be used to populate your social media accounts as well if they are connected or we have access, which may include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus and any others appropriate to your business or industry.

A digital consultation will take place to give us the understanding of your business, industry, your ideal client and the ‘voice’ you would like to use for your content. This may be face to face, via eMail or over Skype or other similar service.  Running up to the website launch, we would encourage you to view all your blog content and feedback, using the forms provided, so we can fine tune the information and style going forward.  The longer into the 9 weeks campaign the better tailored your blog content will become to your personal voice and subject matter.  It is like a funnel, where initially the content is generic and wider reaching, then as time progresses it becomes more personal, individual and specific. You will be encouraged to keep in touch via the appropriate forms with ideas for articles, customer testimonials, case studies, promotional activity and anything else that you can feed into your content funnel to make sure that it truly reflects your business, your abilities and your successes.

The point of this content and process is to move you up the search engine rankings, but it is also important to create great content for your readers to appreciate, particularly if your website encourages blog sign ups. It will also establish wonderful blog habits for you for when you take full control of your content management at the end of the 12 weeks period.

It should be noted, that there is no guarantees that your website will be on the first page of Google! Despite what spam senders will tell you! All you can do is create great, authoritative and readable content and you will progress in the right direction. Over time, you will rise up the Google rankings, but this does not happen over night.