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Adding Featured Images

Uploading Featured Images

  • Featured Image Box – For each post you create you can upload one or more featured images (the default is 5). Avada provides Featured Image Boxes on the right side of the post editing page and this is where you upload your Featured Image/s. You can only upload one image per ‘Set Featured Image’ option. View screenshot here.
  • Featured Image Slideshow – If you upload more than one featured image Avada generates a featured image slideshow on the single post page. View a an example here.
  • Number Of Featured Images Per Post – By default you can upload 5 featured images per post, however that can be changed globally by going to Theme Options > Slideshows > Post Slideshow Images and increasing/decreasing the number (min. 1 – max. 30).

Featured Image Dimensions

The Featured Image you upload to each post will show the full image ratio on the single post page by default. The width of the featured image will be set to the site width, or column width if using sidebars, and the height is set to auto so it displays the original height. In addition to this, you can set a custom featured image width and height to control the size of the image, using the in-post Fusion Options. The Custom featured image sizes works for single post page and the main blog page, which excludes the ‘Grid’ and ‘Timeline’ layouts.

The ‘Featured Image Dimensions’ option (Image width and height) is located in the Fusion Page Options > Posts section of the posts page. Values are set in pixels or percentage, ex: 100% or 100px. Or Use “auto” for automatic resizing if you added either width or height.

Featured Videos

You can upload a Youtube or a Vimeo video to be displayed in the featured image section of the post. You can also have a combination of videos and images, displayed as a slideshow on the single post page. Read below to learn how to upload a Youtube or a Vimeo video.

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