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How to Change your Logo

When your website is developed, it will have a simple placeholder logo on it (if you haven't already provided us with the logo that you're using).  You might [...]

Quick Start – Managing Comments

Changing How Comments are Managed on your Website Every time you make a blog post, you have the facility to allow your viewers to make comments on it [...]

Related Posts

Related Posts Related Posts are blog posts and appear below each active post on the single post page. The related posts that you will see are associated with [...]

Creating Portfolio Posts

Creating Portfolio Posts After you have made your portfolio page, you need to create portfolio posts so they will show up on the portfolio pages. Avada offers several [...]

Create A New Page

Create A New Page Creating pages is the foundation of creating your site. You can create any number of pages for your site and add as much content [...]

Generic First Steps with WordPress

WordPress Administration Screens WordPress Admin Dashboard Now that you have an idea of how your site looks and what the different layout sections are called, it’s time to [...]

Settings – General

General Settings Site title Enter the name of your site (or blog) here. Most themes will display this title, at the top of every page, and in the [...]

Tips for Creating Blog Content

So creating regular blog content is one of the most difficult things to do if you're not already used to doing it.  You're caught up in the day [...]

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