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How to Change your Logo

When your website is developed, it will have a simple placeholder logo on it (if you haven’t already provided us with the logo that you’re using).  You might well want to change this so here’s how…

All the logo settings are in Avada – Theme Options

For your website to work smoothly across all platforms and devices, you’ll need to have several versions of your logo.  For example, your retina display logo will need to be twice as large as that you are using for your standard logo in order to take advantage of the higher quality screen.

Bear in mind when you’re designing your logo that a change in proportions to that which you have on your website will mean that your page does change and you may be left with blank space around your logo and menus.  So if you wish to change from a banner to a square logo then you might need to allow some time to make adjustments to your other template settings in order to make this work well for you.

If you have a banner style logo, here’s some sample dimensions that you will need…

Normal Logo – 400 px wide

Retina Display Logo – 800 px wide

Sticky Header Logo – 400 px wide (where the logo and menu bars are fixed in position and your page content can scroll beneath it)

Retina Sticky Header Logo – 800 px wide

Mobile Logo – 150 px wide

Retina Mobile Logo – 300 px wide

TIP:  Outside of your website, you might also want to make sure you have a square copy of your logo as this is required for many social media platforms.  We recommend that you save your logo in PNG format so that the background can be transparent to allow it to blend into your website page with no difficulties.

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