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Quick Start – Logging on & Changing Passwords

Logging in to your Website

To login to the dashboard of your website so you can edit and add pages and posts, you need to go to your web address followed by /wp-admin  You’ll then see your login box

Choose to ‘Log in with username and password’

This will display the password entry box.

Add in your details and do the little maths sum to Log In.

Changing your Password

If you would like to change your password, you need to click on Users on the left hand menu.  Then click on your Username.  Scroll to near the bottom of the screen to the Account Mangement section and you will see the Generate Password box.  Click the box to Generate a new password

Resetting your Password if you have Forgotten It

If you forget your password, go to your Login Screen and choose to Log In with Username and Password.  At the bottom of the box, there is a little link ‘Lost your Password?’ which will let you reset it.

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