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Quick Start – Managing Comments

Changing How Comments are Managed on your Website

Every time you make a blog post, you have the facility to allow your viewers to make comments on it although there are options about how you choose to deal with this.   In general, interaction on your blog is favoured by search engines and so it’s a great idea but you might not want people with potentially their own agendas to be able to post whatever they want directly to your website for you to see.  So you have three options.

  1. Allow users to post and comments are immediately publicly visible
  2. Turn off commenting
  3. Allow users to comment but you have to approve their comment before it is visible on your website.

You select your preference by clicking on Discussion on your left hand menu and the options are simple checkboxes that should be self-explanatory.

Managing User Comments

To manage this, you need to click on Comments on your left hand menu.

You’ll see a list of comments that people have made on your blog and the state of approval that they are in.

To approve / unapprove / remove them, select the comment, click on the Bulk Actions drop down box, pick the option you want and then choose to Apply.

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