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Within the hosting options, there is a package upgrade that allows you to create a registered members list that means that some of your site visitors have certain privileges on your site.  This quick start guide shows you how to restrict a post to registered members only.

Create your post as normal but don’t publish it.  You will see that there is a category called ‘Members Only’, check this as it creates order in your blog but this will not restrict the content.

QS MembersOnly

The section you need to complete to manage your content and make it visible only to logged in members of your website is titled ‘UM Content Restriction’

When you first see this content box, you will only see the first check box ‘Restrict access to this content?’

Under ‘Who can access this content’, select Logged in Users.  Once selected this, you will see the rest of the options.

QS MembersOnly

Check all of the boxes next to ‘which roles can access this content’

What happens when users without access tries to view the content should default to Show access to restricted message

Would you like to use the global default message.  This should default to ‘Global default message (default) although you can amend this to a Custom Message if you would rather.  When you select this option, a content box is displayed allowing you to enter and format the text as you would like it to appear.

Check the box next to ‘Hide from queries’

Your content will now only appear in your blog to registered members when they have logged in to your website.  It will be invisible to all other users who will just see your unrestricted content.