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Quick Start – Setting Up a Simple Virtual / Digital Shop Product

Your online shop is managed by a piece of software called WooCommerce which will be configured according to your requirements when your website is set up.  This article deals with creating a simple virtual / digital shop product within this software.

Access your products from the left hand menu bar and choose to ‘Add New’.

Give your product a title – this needs to be short to keep your shop front looking tidy and all the products in line. Probably no more than five words – you’ll be able to add more detail in the description.

TIP: If you have a lot of similar style of products, then it’s a great idea to create a single product page and then duplicate this to add your other products.  This will ensure a unified look to your shop and save you a lot of work.  If you duplicate a page, be sure to change both the page title and edit the page URL before you save it to ensure it displays correctly.

Layout your product page as you would like it to appear using the Fusion Builder elements to ensure consistency across platforms.

Select a Simple Product Type

Click on the Virtual Checkbox to remove the shipping options – virtual products are those that don’t need physical shipping and will be delivered through a digital method.

Add your price (you can specify a date range if you wish the price to be reduced in a Sale if you’d like to).  The other tabs can be ignored if you are setting up a simple digital product for sale as they deal with more complex options which will be covered elsewhere in the Support Forum.

It’s a bit confusing but in WooCommerce, the ‘Short Product Description’ that you add at the bottom of the page is actually the one that appears at the top of the page in your product listing.

So add your short product description here to appear in your product listing just above the price / Add to Basket button.

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