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Menu Settings

Menu Settings To utilize the menu completely, you should be familiar with the various settings and options that come with it. There are 2 levels of menu items, [...]

Setting Up The Menu

Setting Up The Menu Avada supports custom WordPress menus, with multiple levels of dropdown support for the main menu. There are 5 areas of the theme where you [...]

Setting Up Page Title Bar

Setting Up Page Title Bar The Page Title Bar is the horizontal bar that sits directly below the menu/header and contains the page title text, as well as [...]

Setting Up The Header

Setting Up The Header Step 1 - Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Header to access the header options. You will see 4 sub-panels; Header Content, Header Background Image, Header Styling, [...]

Creating Portfolio Posts

Creating Portfolio Posts After you have made your portfolio page, you need to create portfolio posts so they will show up on the portfolio pages. Avada offers several [...]

Create A New Page

Create A New Page Creating pages is the foundation of creating your site. You can create any number of pages for your site and add as much content [...]

Avada Page Templates

Page Templates Avada includes a few Page Templates that you can choose from. Each Page Template caters to user's specific needs. For example, if you want a page [...]

Creating An FAQ Post

Creating An FAQ Post Before adding a FAQ element to page, you should first create one or more individual FAQ posts. FAQ posts are the common questions that [...]

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