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Related Posts

Related Posts

Related Posts are blog posts and appear below each active post on the single post page. The related posts that you will see are associated with the active post, by category. It is a quick and easy way to show your viewers related articles and engage your readers. You can choose to activate it globally in the Fusion Theme Options, or individually per post, using the Fusion Page Options. Continue reading below to learn more about Related Posts and its available options.

How To Display Related Posts Globally

Step 1 – Navigate to WP Dashboard > Avada > Theme Options > Blog > Blog Single Post > Related Posts

Step 2 – Choose On to enable or Off to disable.

Step 3 – Click ‘Save Changes’

How To Display Related Posts Per Post Only

Step 1 – Edit any post and go to Fusion Page Options > Post > Show Related Posts – below the content editor.

Step 2 – Set the ‘Show Related Posts’ option to Default, Show, or Hide. The Default setting will keep the Fusion Theme Option global setting. Show or Hide will override the Fusion Theme Option global setting for that post.

Step 3 – Click ‘Update’

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