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Yes, to our Main, Premium and Ultimate subscribers. This is provided to you via a support ticket system. We don’t offer 24/7 support but you can leave tickets with us at anytime and we will response asap the next business day – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding bank holidays.

Yes, and across all our subscriptions. We only work with WordPress.

Yes, for our Main, Premium and Ultimate subscribers only there is backup included.

All our hosting packages require your to take out an annual subscription service which is paid in advance. This pays for your domain name registration for 12 months and the cost for hosting the server where your website is stored and accessed.

You do not have to renew at the end of the 12 months period and you can transfer your domain and hosting to anyone else at any time. However, annual subscriptions are not refundable should you move your website elsewhere during the subscription period. At the end of the subscription period you will need to renew to continue with the domain name and hosting service. All websites are deleted after 30 days of non payment of subscriptions.

Check out the package and subscriptions charges on our home page or using the link here:

If you want to migrate an existing Domain Name to us, we can do that for you within the subscription fee. If you want to transfer an existing Website, then please get in touch first to discuss, as the migration of your data is charged separately.

We accept payments via bank transfer/internet banking or via our credit card portal Square. Details are available during the checkout process on our website.

Yes we do.  You can also use the Domain availability checker on our home page or use the link here:
This is just a checker, the domain name you choose will only be completely checked for availability after purchase. If your chosen domain name is not free after purchase, we will refund your payment immediately.

Yes. Email is built into all our subscriptions packages and include up to 5 addresses of your choice. We will assist you with setting this up on your PCs and mobile devices.

We use AVADA as our premium theme for website styling, as it is world leading, secure and constantly up dated. It is excellent at working across multiple platforms such as mobile phones and Google loves it!

Our hosting packages are designed specifically for small owner managed businesses and you will have no bandwidth issues for the volume of visitors we expect you to get. Our hosting packages ARE NOT designed for gamers and forum styled businesses or heavy retail shopping sites. Please discuss with us first what expected use you envisage.

Your website will be built using WordPress, the world’s leading blogging and content management software. We also have chosen an server provided who specifically configures for this platform and fine tune their technology to provide you with the fastest websites for the price. You can of course upgrade the servers to more powerful ones, but by then you will be hosting yourself and out grown us! WordPress will never be faster than simple static HTML styled websites.

You can get in contact with you via email. We will always look to get back to you as a matter of urgency within normal business days/hours, we don’t offer phone support as this would increase the cost of what we are offering significantly. Business hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

  1. First your select your Domain name and check it on our site.
  2. If free order it and add it to your shopping basket.
  3. Select your Hosting package and add it to your shopping basket.
  4. Check out and make your payment
  5. We will email back confirmation and specifically whether the Domain name your chose is completely free worldwide.
  6. We then send your our Services Agreement, which is a digital online document for you to sign.
  7.  We register your Domain name – Can take up to 48 hours to flush DNS worldwide.
  8. We will Setup your Server hosting and install WordPress – This will take 5 business days from receipt of your Services Agreement
  9. Depending on your Hosting package, we will then create your content – 5 business days from completion of your Server and WordPress setup
  10. We will then send you your handover documentation, which provides your with all the technical and access information your need to take over your website and use it moving forward.
  11. If you have purchased Content Managed hosting, your 9 week content programme will commence from the completion of step 10 above.
  12. That’s it! Your website is setup and yours to use as your wish… If you need support or run into problems, you use you chaosWEBS account to raise support Tickets for use to respond to.

You first need to purchase a Domain Name for registration. If you already have one, then we can transfer it to our Hosting Packages below. Secondly, you then need to purchase a Hosting Package to hold your website. Use the domain name checker on the right to see if your chosen domain name is free and can be registered, just ad the name don’t worry about the extension

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